It's all about Learning through interactive experiences and senses, taking Crypto & Forex Trading and Gaming with Education at the next level.

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Trade, Play, Win

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We offer hands-free trading with our dedicated Mathematicians, Traders and Powerful Computers performing 750 trades a day. Our Trading generated 1,400 BTC gross profit between July to August 2018.

Whilst winning in trading, We want you to win bigger with the 3rd best online casino in the world.

Many more winning products are in development, and our Interactive Crypto Education Services (events and webinars) is the key. 

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High-Frequency Trading.

Profit from Trading High Volumes & Volatility, producing a Higher Win-Win Rate. Our Mathematicians & Traders are experts with years of experience in the crypto market as well as on the forex market.


3rd Best Online Casino in the World. 

When UWIN You WIN BIG, When You Lose, You Can Still Win. 

We have the Winning Formula, with multiple games to play on and growing rapidly to be a massive global player.


Copy Trading - Dollar/PIP Model.

UWIN aims to provide a unique service of copy trading/mirroring the trades we take on our accounts to our subscribers account for a minimal fee of $1.00/pip gained. Uses U.T.F. for filtering the high probability trades so that every party involved benefits to the maximum. 


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